The Space Race - It's Rocket Science!

Lessons and Activities


In this lesson, we'll take a look at how design affects how well a rocket flies. We'll learn about the force of gravity, before designing our own paper rockets.
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Activity 1

Design and Make:
Paper Rocket Designs
In this activity, the children will work in groups to design and make a longship that will hold the largest weight without sinking. Groups will use the planning and recording sheet below.
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Lesson Plan

Everything you need to give this lesson a try. On the left side we have our lesson objectives, in the middle are the activities and on the right are the assessment tools!
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From the Curriculum

Strand: Energy and Forces
Strand Unit: Forces

Curriculum Objectives

The child should be enabled to:
-identify and explore how objects and materials may be moved
-explore the effect of friction on movement and how it may be used to slow or stop moving objects -come to appreciate that gravity is a force -become aware that objects have weight because of the pull of gravity
Rang Maher