Modern Scandinavia - Where is it?

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In this lesson, we'll be taking a look at where in the world Scandinavia is located. We'll learn what countries are in Scandinavia as well as their capital cities. Then we will take a look at some pictures to see what we can learn.
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Activity 1

Map Work
In this activity, we'll be working with atlas and Google Maps to find out more about the area of the world Scandinavia is located in. Children will use these resources to mark maps and answer questions.
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Lesson Plan

Everything you need to give this lesson a try. On the left side we have our lesson objectives, in the middle are the activities and on the right are the assessment tools!
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From the Curriculum

Strand: Human Environments
Strand Unit: People and Other Lands

Curriculum Objectives

The child should be enabled to:
1) study some aspects of the environments and lives of people in one location in Europe including:
-the location of these areas

Learning Objectives

-use the language of history including: chronology, timeline, causes, sources.

-sequence the events leading up to the start of WW1.

-identify some of the reasons why WW1 started.

-use online sources of information to research the flags of WW1 countries.

Learning Activities

-Video Stimulus: watch the video stimulus explaining the causes of WW1, pausing the video when prompted to answer stimulus questions.
-Comic Strip Sequencing: draw a three piece comic strip that explains the events of Archduke Franz Ferdinand's assassination.
-Summarising: using the video content, summarise three reasons why war was inevitable, even without Ferdinand's assassination.
-Flag Research: using ICT resources, research the flags of various countries that took part in WW1. Research carefully to make sure you are finding sources that show WW1 flags not modern flags.


-Teacher Designed Tasks:
1) Comic Strip Sequence
2) Reasons for War
3) Flag Research Sheet

-Teacher Questioning:
1) Can you identify a few reasons why WW1 started?
2) Can you put the events of Franz Ferdinand's assassination in order?

Rang Maher