World War 1 - Trench Life and the End of the War

Practice Activities For Download

Activity 1

Letter From The Trenches
Knowing what you now know about life in the trenches, imagine you are a soldier writing home. Write a letter home describing Trench Life. Use the video, the pictures and the words down below to help you.
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Activity 2

Timelining The War
Put the events down below in chronological order (on a timeline). I have given you the first and the last events to help you! Use the videos if you need to!
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Activity 3

The Treaty Signing
At the end of the war, all the winners and losers came together to sign a peace treaty. The winners got to decide what punishments and rules the losers would have to follow. If you were in charge of these peace talks, what punishments or rules would you put on the losers?
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For Your Plans

From the Curriculum

Strand: Eras of Change and Conflict
Strand Unit: World War 1

Curriculum Objectives

The child should be enabled to become familiar with aspects of these periods:
1) ways in which the everyday lives of people changed.
2) the reactions of people to changes and issues which they experienced.
3) record the place of peoples and events on appropriate timelines.
4) the long-term effect of changes and conflicts.

Learning Objectives

-use the language of history including: trench, ration, lice, treaty.

-describe the experience of a soldier living in the trenches through the letter home activity.

-sequence the main events of WW1 through the timelining activity.

-hypothesis as to what the effects of the war on the countries involved was through the treaty signing activity.

Learning Activities

-Video Stimulus: watch the video stimulus explaining what trench life was like and how the war ended, pausing the video when prompted to answer stimulus questions.
-Letter Home: Write a letter home describing Trench Life. Use the video, the pictures and the words down below to help.
-Time-lining: put the events of WW1 on the worksheet in chronological order. Use the video to help.
-Treaty Signing: The war is over. All the countries come together to decide what should happen now. Think of three rules or punishments that the losing countries have to follow now.


-Teacher Designed Tasks:
1) Letter Home sheet
2) Timeline activity sheet
3) Treaty Signing activity sheet

-Teacher Questioning:
1) Can you place the main events of the war in order?
2) Can you describe what life in the trenches was like?
3) What do you think should happen to the losing countries?

Rang Maher