The Space Race - Rocket Fuel

Lessons and Activities


In this lesson, we'll take a look at how chemical reactions help lift heavy rockets into space. We'll look at how we can change the properties of materials through rocket fuel experiments.
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Activity 1

Design and Make:
Rocket Fuel Reactions
In this activity, the children will work in groups to experiment with mixing two chemicals. They will observe and record the reactions of these and make changes to improve the reactions.
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Lesson Plan

Everything you need to give this lesson a try. On the left side we have our lesson objectives, in the middle are the activities and on the right are the assessment tools!
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From the Curriculum

Strand: Materials
Strand Unit: Materials and Change

Curriculum Objectives

The child should be enabled to:
-investigate how a wide range of materials may be changed by mixing
-explore the effects of heating and cooling on a range of solids, liquids and gases
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