Viking Science - Sticky Situations

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In this lesson, we'll take a look at the Vikings used their understanding of the properties of natural materials to make glues for their ships
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Activity 1

Sven's Letter and Challenge
Down below, you can download the letter from Sven outlining this week's challenge. You will also find the instructions to make the Viking glue.
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Activity 2

Experiment Design Worksheet
Before making the Viking glue, the children will design an experiment that will test the strength of different types of glue, including their Viking glue.
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Lesson Plan

Everything you need to give this lesson a try. On the left side we have our lesson objectives, in the middle are the activities and on the right are the assessment tools!
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From the Curriculum

Strand: Materials
Strand Unit: Materials and Change

Curriculum Objectives

The child should be enabled to:
-investigate how materials may be changed by mixing
-examine the changes that take place in materials when physical forces are applied
-explore some simple ways in which materials may be separated
Rang Maher