The Mayans - Call the Archaeologists

Practice Activities For Download

Activity 1

Artifact Investigations
Welcome to the rainforest dig site Professor! We've been busy and already have a few artifacts for you to study. Take a look at what we found and tell us what you think they might have been
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Activity 2

Dig Site Investigation
Professor, we've discovered a dig site that is causing some confusion! Prof. Pooch has sent you a video with all the information they have gathered. Watch the video and see if you can figure out what happened there
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Activity 2

Video Evidence Clip
Click on the button below to view Prof. Pooch's walk-through of the second dig site for activity 2
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For Your Plans

From the Curriculum

Strand: Early People and Ancient Societies
Strand Unit: Central and South American Peoples

Curriculum Objectives

The child should be enabled to become familiar with aspects of these periods:
1) become familiar with aspects of the lives of these peoples 2) examine and become familiar with evidence we have which tells us about these people

Learning Objectives

-use the language of history including: chronology, timeline, causes, sources.

-sequence the events leading up to the start of WW1.

-identify some of the reasons why WW1 started.

-use online sources of information to research the flags of WW1 countries.

Learning Activities

-Video Stimulus: watch the video stimulus explaining the causes of WW1, pausing the video when prompted to answer stimulus questions.
-Comic Strip Sequencing: draw a three piece comic strip that explains the events of Archduke Franz Ferdinand's assassination.
-Summarising: using the video content, summarise three reasons why war was inevitable, even without Ferdinand's assassination.
-Flag Research: using ICT resources, research the flags of various countries that took part in WW1. Research carefully to make sure you are finding sources that show WW1 flags not modern flags.


-Teacher Designed Tasks:
1) Comic Strip Sequence
2) Reasons for War
3) Flag Research Sheet

-Teacher Questioning:
1) Can you identify a few reasons why WW1 started?
2) Can you put the events of Franz Ferdinand's assassination in order?

Rang Maher